Cheryl led a data migration project from legacy system to Oracle EBS as an interim CIO and project lead.  I became involved after our acquisition of her client (Formation Brands), and was impressed by the way the team rallied around Cheryl. She had built strong relationships within IT and across businessfunctions. She is skilled at needs assessment and getting end user engagement. She bridges well between IT and non-technical leaders and was able to establish trust across the board. Cheryl is truly a strong and proven IT leader with tremendous experience. I recommend her  to any organization needing assessments, recommendations, and delivery of major systems implementations. 

Cambria Schmidt, Finance Executive

Pacific Market International, California

“Our organization undertook a massive IT and business transformation with the implementation of ORACLE Cloud (Fusion), which required building a capable IT organization, deploying a wide area network solution and a robust governance structure.  We knew at the outset we needed a strong leader with exceptional leadership skills.  Cheryl and team came on board and Cheryl led as the interim CIO bringing clarity to a complex set of business requirements.  She built a team to address skill gaps, and created a new organization structure.  She impressed our executive team, our Board of Directors and our Systems Integrator with her planning, organization, technical capacity and tireless dedication to achieving an ideal outcome for the business.  

The ultimate roll out was excellent, and seamless.  Needless to say, she provided excellent leadership as a member of our C-Suite and a vital player trusted throughout the organization.  We’d hire Moody Technology (dba GoCIO) again, and recommend her to other organizations embarking on a business transformation.”

Paul Vanderberg, CEO

Badger Daylighting LP, Calgary, Canada

Cheryl is like a “swiss army knife.” She can operate at the 100,000-foot level and at the 10 ft level, and can work effectively with executive teams and others and was able to work with and impress a large team of engineers.  She gets the macro view quickly and is highly skilled in process management – she could handle any type of major IT project or implementation.

Teams she led delivered some of the highest results in terms of project execution rates (90%). Overall, she delivers results and she is hands-on, even doing some coding work. I would say she is a rare gem and I was lucky to work with her.

Ming Wu, Vice President

SolarCity, San Mateo, CA

“I had worked with Cheryl on a complex technology project in the past and brought her in to handle a massive systems conversion involving fifteen of our top global customers. It was a major investment and one of the CEO’s top 5 priority projects. She was quickly able to scope the work, recommend budget adjustments, and build the relationships to get this project implemented without disruption. The Moody Technology (dba GoCIO) team brought the perfect mix of skills, and we were ecstatic with the final outcome in our move from Peoplesoft to JDE. Cheryl delivers results – from masterful planning through execution – and people want to work with her again. Even our most difficult internal clients were won over by the end result. It was an across-the-board win for our clients and for us, and I could not have been more pleased. I can highly recommend her for any major IT project or interim CIO role, and look forward to working together again.”

Vince Verrault

VP Digital & Technology, Project Lead, Global Fortune 500 Real Estate Corporation

“Heart. That is the word that I think of when I am prospecting or what I would want to see in a testimonial of a potential client. This HEART I’m talking about is the all in, determination driven, excellence performance that is needed to have a project succeed. Cheryl is not only beyond proficient in what she delivers and offers, she goes above and beyond. She takes in your vision, helps identify your needs, and will deliver it above and beyond expectations.

Cheryl took the time on our project to get to know the people who would be using the product, the people who would deliver the product, and set up the people who needed to be in place for the product to have success. She took our team from the wilderness into focus. She identified areas that needed support, and she took on all the challenges that presented itself throughout the project. Cheryl is not afraid of the hard questions, the conversations that must be had so that the business can succeed. She is a mentor, a woman I respect and want to learn and grow with. She has heart! Cheryl is worth your investment and time, as she is not afraid of the “impossible”. I can say with confidence that you would be amiss if you chose someone else.”

Kandis Ogre Oracle, Support Engineer

Badger Daylighting, Calgary, AB

Moody Technology (dba GoCIO) brings many skills to the table, and vastly improved our internal IT organization in addition to leading a complex 18-month business transformation project. We discovered that this Oracle Fusion initiative was even larger and more complex than originally imagined – it was very intense with a broad footprint.    They organized and pulled all the work streams together and kept things on track. Cheryl is very smart and thorough, and she is adept at scoping the work. This was skillfully and expertly led and managed, and we were incredibly pleased with the final outcome. 


Environmental Services Company

“As a non-IT person, I relied heavily on Cheryl’s technical expertise, advice, and recommendations related to our law firm’s IT contract.  She led us through an assessment to determine what we really needed to focus on and made recommendations that my partners and I found extremely valuable. Through a well thought out vendor selection process, she led us to a solution which we implemented and remain very happy with.  As a result, I highly recommend Moody Technology.”

Kimberly Sims, Member

Palter Sims Martinez PLLC, Dallas TX



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